“X” is for X-Files


Today’s AGRC A to Z is dedicated to- wait for it – ALIENS! Okay, technically, or rather “officially” none of our collections have much to do with extraterrestrials, but it is the end of the semester and sometimes graduate students have to invent creative ways to trudge through our final weeks. While our collections may not specifically mention life outside of Earth, we do have a few items that discuss space and MTSU’s astronomical endeavors.

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In the Robert LaLance Papers, there is a proposal for a new planetarium on campus in 1985. The proposal was perfectly timed with MTSU’s 75th anniversary as well as the upcoming passing of Halley’s Comet, whose orbital rotation passes Earth every 75 years. The previous planetarium was constructed in 1963 and had fallen behind in technical innovations. The new proposed planetarium would expand seating, encourage more science majors, and cost roughly $198,000. Unfortunately, it appears that the proposal was not accepted and the old planetarium was deconstructed in 1990.

However, if you’re still in the mood for some aliens in the archives, you can check out the Blue Book Archives, a digital archive that contains all of the available documents of the Air Force investigations involving UFOs. The archive has a search engine that can also narrow locations; we found an intriguing story from Memphis housekeeper in 1946.

So, for now, our search for eXtraterrestrials at the Gore center continues. The truth is out there…in the archives!


Written by Casey Gymrek and Sarah Calise, graduate assistants

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