“R” is for Regional Collections

Regional collections are one of the three scopes of items at the Albert Gore Research Center (the other two classifications are political and university). Listed below are four major collections of regional materials we currently house:

  1. Archive of Middle Tennessee Women: This series of collections document different aspects of women’s lives in Middle Tennessee from the 1800s to the present. Prominent collections include the papers of Adeline King and the Tennessee College for Women, which used to be open in Murfreesboro.
  2. Archive of Local History and Culture: Life in Middle Tennessee is the focus of these materials. Notable collections are the papers of the Community Collection and the Homer and Mabel Pittard, a husband-and-wife team who researched and published histories on Murfreesboro, Rutherford County and the Civil War.
  3. Archive of American Veterans and the Home Front: Materials in this series of collections relate to military activity in Tennessee in general, but some materials are regionally focused. Examples include two oral history collections with local-area veterans, Veterans Oral Histories and Middle Tennessee Oral History Project (includes non-veteran interviews as well). The collections also include the papers from the likes of local Korean War veteran Donald Price.
  4. Subject Files: Subject files are copies and scans of original documents and articles. Researchers often browse them when starting to research a topic.

Written by Bradley Harjehausen, graduate assistant


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