June at MTSU

Written by Kelsey Lamkin, guest blogger

This is one of our guest blog posts for Women’s History Month. Kelsey Lamkin was an undergraduate intern with us, and kindly returned to the subject of June Anderson for this post. You can read her previous blog post at Close Encounters of the Archival Kind.

Well, it’s not quite summer yet. But it’s still Women’s History Month and the AGRC’s discussion wouldn’t be complete without paying tribute to June Anderson. Anderson began teaching Chemistry at MTSU in 1958 and later taught Women’s Studies courses. Over the course of her career, she became a champion for women and non-traditional students by working to create a safer, more accessible campus. In 1977, Anderson founded Concerned Faculty and Administrative Women, which led to the establishment of Women’s Information Service for Education (WISE) in 1977. She also founded Women in Higher Education in Tennessee (WHET) and conducted tireless work trying to improve life for women struggling to get degrees while also providing for themselves and their families. To celebrate this work, the June S. Anderson Foundation was established in 1982. Anderson had such an impact on the university women and the student body as a whole that the WISE center was renamed the June Anderson Women’s Center following her death in 1984.


The AGRC has a fantastic June Anderson Women’s Center collection that anyone interested in women’s history on campus should check out immediately. Aside from documents related to the organization and their work, there are Women’s History Week shirts, buttons, photographs, and an autographed Gloria Steinem poster! Check out Women of Middle Tennessee State University for more women being awesome at MTSU.

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