“O” for Oral History

The Albert Gore Research Center preserves several different collections of oral histories and interviews from veterans, Middle Tennesseans, notable university figures, and many others. Most audio or video from these oral histories are available on our website via the finding aids, and some include transcripts. We also produce a podcast, called Veterans Voices: Stories of Service on SoundCloud. Here are five major oral history collections we currently house:

  1. Recollections – Recollections: The Middle Tennessee Voices of Their Time was a television series that aired on Middle Tennessee State University’s television channel beginning in 1983.
  2. Middle Tennessee Oral History Project – The Middle Tennessee Oral History Project is an effort to increase the historical resources available to researchers of Middle Tennessee History. The project consists of audio, and in some cases video, recordings of interviews of various people who tell their story of past events in their own words. Interviews are generally conducted by staff, faculty, or students.
  3. Veterans Oral History Project – In partnership with the Library of  Congress, the veterans oral histories consists of interviews that focus on United States military conflicts, documenting the views of participants as well as those of the general public.
  4. Q.M. Smith Oral History Project – The Q.M. Smith Oral History Project is comprised of 138 recordings collected by Regina Forsythe in the last half of 1995 from people associated in some way with Middle Tennessee State University.
  5. Hurricane Digital Memory Bank – Beginning in Fall 2005 under the direction of Director Dr. Lisa Pruitt, the AGRC pursued an initiative to document the experiences of as many Katrina evacuees and first responders living in Middle Tennessee as possible through the medium of oral history.

Written by Sarah Calise, graduate assistant

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