Winter wonderland?

Written by Evan Spencer, graduate assistant

Being from South Louisiana, I can count the number of times I’ve seen snow on my fingers. So these past few weeks, with temperatures in the teens, twenties, and even single digits….. Well, I’d never felt those temperatures before.

All over campus, puddles were frozen over, windshields covered with ice, students bundled in multiple layers just trying to stay warm; but there was no snow!

I don’t know if I can explain fully why I want it to snow. I don’t like the cold. I’ll probably never get used to subfreezing temperatures. But if it would just snow, I’d be fine! I’d go outside and build a snowman, or have a snowball fight or something! I’d do all of those kid things I missed out on, because I didn’t see snow accumulated on the ground until I was 18…

But it hasn’t snowed, so I’ve been living vicariously through the images we have here at the AGRC.

Here’s what Jones Hall would look like if it snowed:


Image from the Q.M. Smith Papers

Wouldn’t that be nice!


Image from the Walter King Hoover Papers

This one isn’t on campus, but look how much snow there is!


Image from the Alumni Photographs

And here’s a visual example of what I’d do if it snowed a lot here:


Image from MTSU News and Public Affairs

So I’m hoping for two contradictory things in the upcoming weeks:

1) That it snows to make these cold temperatures worth it.


2) That it warms up significantly, regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil thinks!


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