Women Kicked Out of the Kitchen

Written by Lane Tillner, Graduate Assistant

It seems like every day there is a different National Something Day. Well today’s national day is quite interesting and has the potential to lead to very tasty outcomes. Everybody loves their mamma’s home cooking. College students dream about it. Well today is a day for all the mammas, and in fact all the ladies, to step out of the kitchen and take a break. It’s National Men Make Dinner Day, which is celebrated on the first Thursday of November.

Yes, we now live in a world where it is entirely common to see both men and women in the kitchen. Yes, there are also women who can’t boil water to save their life. But there is always the stigma that guys can’t cook. However, we have Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Jamie Oliver just to name a few of the amazing male chefs who prove this wrong. Nonetheless, ladies, if you are planning on cooking tonight, don’t. Let the man in your life step into the kitchen and whip up some delicious dish.

National Men Make Dinner is so awesome that there is even a website that outlines the rules for cooking dinner—don’t worry guys, you don’t have to follow them the rest of the year. For the culinary-challenged, there is a quick dictionary and questions section so that you can make it through tonight. Don’t have a recipe in mind? Don’t worry, they have several you can choose from. They have you covered for any situation that may occur. They even suggest keeping a fire extinguisher handy. So guys put down the controller for whichever game system you are using and get creative! Check out the website for National Men Cook Dinner Day: http://www.menmakedinnerday.com/home/index.php.

Here at the Albert Gore Research Center, we have found some examples of cooking up and feasting out. So remember men, the first Thursday of November, you’re in the kitchen.

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