Research with us!

Written by Aja Bain, Graduate Assistant

As students are finishing up their third week of classes here at MTSU, they are facing a difficult and momentous decision, many of them for the first time: what am I going to write about for my research paper?

This important issue affects all kinds of students and departments, from liberal arts to the sciences. Whether you’re in an undergraduate survey course or an advanced graduate seminar, you may need to write a paper using research and primary sources. The transition from just reading the work of professionals to working with original items and producing our own unique research is a big part of how we grow as scholars. But how do we come up with interesting questions to research? How can we use the information from documents or objects as evidence for our ideas?

The research process can be intimidating for even the most experienced students, but the Albert Gore Research Center is here to help. We have thousands of documents, photographs, interviews, and objects that tell the stories of people, places, and events from Middle Tennessee and beyond. We have particularly rich collections of materials dealing with national and state government, the University, local history, and war veterans, as well as many other unique collections.

But these are not just resources for history students. Our collections could be used in creative ways by students of many disciplines for research projects.Whether your college is Liberal Arts, Mass Communication, or Education, we may have something for you!

Music majors, are you interested in MTSU’s instrumental ensembles through the years?

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Horse science students, come check out our great equine studies collection!

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Attention anthropologists: how did an American G.I. experience Indian culture in the 1940s?

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Our staff and friendly neighborhood graduate assistants would love to help you choose a topic and research your paper, so please come by and see us!

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