Meet our Bloggers!

Written by Kayla Utendorf, Graduate Assistant

Welcome back to a new school year! For today’s blog, we would like to introduce those of us who will be writing blog posts this semester. Some of us are returning from last year, and some are brand new!

First we’ll talk about the newbies:


Brad is excited to do some reference work!

Brad Miller is from Hershey, Pennsylvania (he promised to bring us chocolate) and received his BA from Gettysburg College in history. He is enrolled in the public history program here at MTSU to receive an MA, and he is currently undecided as to whether he wants to specialize in archival or museum management. He doesn’t have a specific field of history that he is especially fascinated by, but if he were to narrate an episode of “Drunk History,” he would discuss the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.


Lane looks for a box in the compact shelves.

Lane Tillner is from Collierville, Tennessee, and received her bachelor’s degree from Millsaps College, majoring in European Studies. She is undecided as to which aspect of public history she would like to study, but she is interested in cultural property law. Lane’s father was one of the Marines who guarded the Oval Office! His year-long term was during the change between Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.


Evan measures our Styrofoam fish.

Evan Spencer grew up in Slidell, Louisiana and attended Louisiana Tech for his undergraduate program, where he majored in history. He is interested in studying archival management here, and his favorite area of history is early America, specifically during the Republic period. Fun fact: Evan might be distantly related to Mark Twain!

Next up are the returning graduate assistants, back for another year of coursework and hands-on experience at the AGRC.


Aja in the row containing Albert Gore’s papers.

Aja Bain is from Nashville and previously attended Vanderbilt University, where she double-majored in history and anthropology. She is specializing in museum management here and is interested in Southern history. When she’s not preserving documents and helping researchers, you can find Aja knitting or at the library – or knitting in the library!


Kayla shows off an oversize photograph.

Kayla Utendorf grew up in Woodville, Ohio, and received her bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University, where she majored in history. She is specializing in archival management here at MTSU, and is interested in early American history. When she is back in Ohio, Kayla enjoys spending time volunteering at a War of 1812 fort, dressed up in a period uniform and playing the fife!


Rachel loves her documents!

Rachel Smith is here as a project archivist working with the Bart Gordon Congressional Papers. She grew up in Sherwood, Arkansas (yes, they have a Sherwood Forest) and received her bachelor’s degree from Hendrix College, where she majored in history. Last semester she graduated from MTSU with a master’s in public history and a concentration in archival management.  Her favorite area of history is 20th-century America, but you can also find her enjoying the post-grad life by fan-girling, Skyping her friends around the world, catching up with shows on Netflix, and finally reading novels again!

There you have it! Those of us above will be sending you weekly blog posts (so be sure to check back!). Our regular staff will also update the blog from time to time.

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