Happy Valentine’s Day!

Written by Quinn Walsdorf, Registrar of Collections

doll 1920

You remembered, right? Well- even if you didn’t, the Albert Gore Research Center is here to help. Our collection of scrapbooks from a variety of people and time periods holds wonderful holiday themed gems to suit any sort of situation or special person in your life. Dust off the pinking shears and get the glitter and construction paper ready!

Let us start with something simple.

You want to acknowledge that it is a holiday, but you do not want to imply any sort of intentions- try a noncommittal and slightly psychedelic design, like this one from an early 20th century bridge tally card.

tally card

Not your style? Feeling a bit more bold, dramatic, or limber?

steal my heart doll

overly dramatic 1

overly dramatic 2

kick you

Maybe you are feeling lonely and sorry for yourself because you are away from your Valentine.

feeling blue

Or maybe you are willing to take a more Zen approach.

patient card

Here is an option for the vegetarian and/or pun lover. Bet you didn’t think that could be a category.

veggie love

If these don’t work for you because you’re stuck in a loop of vague text messages, group dates, an “it’s complicated” Facebook status, and you just want real answers, maybe it’s time to go old school.

stringing me along

If all else fails, maybe you should just get a group of your friends together, eat discounted chocolate, and research mid-century cleaning product brands until you, too, can write a clean love letter.

clean letter

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