Original Correspondence Highlights Important Political Events

Written by Kayla Utendorf, Graduate Assistant

I’ve been spending much of my time lately working on processing a recent accretion from Jim Free to his political papers.  Most of this new material is related to Free’s work on Albert Gore Jr.’s two presidential campaigns in 1988 and 2000.  The papers even contain original correspondence between Gore and his campaign staff.

One particular letter of the papers highlights an important event.  This is a letter from Al Gore to Jim Free inviting him to the kickoff for the senator’s 1988 presidential campaign.  The correspondence surrounding this letter shows the amount of thought and work that was already being put into the campaign, even before Gore’s candidacy was officially announced.

Gore’s correspondence joins additional original correspondence with other important figures.  Among our collections, we have documents from Barry Goldwater, Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, Robert and John F. Kennedy, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Our university and regional collections are not to be left out.  We have several documents relating to Douglas MacArthur’s visit to Murfreesboro with his wife Jean, who was a native of the city.  In this photo, MacArthur is in Floyd Stadium.  He is the one on the stage wearing the dark uniform and looking down, just underneath the “Middle Tennessee State College” scoreboard.


Stop in to see us to perform some research of your own, and you may just happen across a record of a momentous event buried deep in the stacks!

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