Tweeting a Life

Written by Rachel Smith, Graduate Assistant

We started an exciting project today here at the AGRC. In our collection, we have the diaries and papers of Louise Mott Miles, a student here at MTSU from 1926 through 1929, when it was the State Teachers College. She enjoyed her classes and social life, and she even met her future husband, Kenneth Miles, on campus. She kept a daily account of her activities in her A Line A Day diary throughout her time at Middle Tennessee.

cropped photo of louise

Louise Mott Miles

Since Miles kept a form of diary her entire adult life, we’ve decided to share her student experiences by creating a Twitter account using her A Line A Day diary. What was she doing on this day in 1926? Follow her @LouiseMottMiles to find out!


A page from her diary describing chemistry class and going to the picture show

An exhibit at the Albert Gore Research Center on the life of Louise Mott Miles will be installed soon.  The exhibit expands beyond this project and includes her time here at school, her later life as a teacher at Central High School, and community supporter.  We will blog more about the exhibit as it launches.

If you want to know any more information about Ms. Miles or this project, contact the Albert Gore Research Center staff.

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