Happy Holidays!

It is our last day of 2012, and before we leave for break we thought we would share some images from the Bart Gordon Papers.  Representative Gordon received Christmas cards from the White House during his years of service–cards so varied in theme and palette that it was hard to decide which ones to share.

The cards are a long-standing tradition, now paid for by political parties, and are sent to Members of Congress, political supporters, staff, and other friends and allies.  If you are lucky enough to be on the list, you will receive a card and a larger print of the image.  The White House is always featured, but the images vary from the exterior or landscape features and interior images illustrating family festivities.  Family portraits can be used, but more often the family pets are highlighted, like the Obamas’ 2012 Christmas card featuring their dog Bo.

Representative Gordon received this card and print, Kay Jackson’s White House Nocture, South Lawn 1997, from President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton Holiday Image086

Ten years later, Representative Gordon received the following images from President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. Another exterior view, East Colonnade, The White House 2007 was a watercolor by David Drummond.

Bush Holiday Image087

The sculpture featured on the card is Sylvia Shaw Judson’s Gardener in the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden.

No matter what your holiday traditions entail, the Albert Gore Research Center sends you best wishes now and in the coming year!

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