Museum of MTSU History

You might remember in my previous post I talked about trying to capture institutional memory.  While there is a concerted effort to collect permanent and historically significant university records, there is a similar effort to collect objects and memorabilia here at the Albert Gore Research Center.  During our Centennial Celebration, the idea of creating a Museum of MTSU History gained a great deal of support and the AGRC is actively collecting artifacts and fundraising to bring this project to completion.


The first phase of the project is to create history panels and exhibits in the Cantrell Alumni Hall in the Tom H. Jackson Building.  As Cantrell Alumni Hall is a direct connection to the student life of MTSU through the years, it only makes sense to exhibit photographs of alumni and faculty, as well as feature timelines of historical events there.  As a location for special events, meetings, and orientation, this display will introduce visitors to the history and people of Middle Tennessee State University.


A second phase of the project will create more in-depth exhibits, and will feature more  objects related to university history.  This part of the museum would be housed at Todd Hall beside the Albert Gore Research Center.

To make the Museum of MTSU History a reality, fundraising is required.  One of the ways we do that is to offer a limited edition Christmas ornament each year.  This is the third year offering ornaments, with this one being the first library, the Murfree Building, built in 1925. 2012sml

To learn more about the Museum of MTSU History, you can link to the web page here, or you may email Dr. Jim Williams for more information.

To order your 2012 ornament, or to order both the 2011 and 2012 editions, please go to the online store here.

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