Happy Halloween from the Albert Gore Research Center!

Written by Quinn Walsdorf, Registrar of Collections

In addition to our Political, Regional, and University History related archives we have here at the Center, we also have a museum collection of over a thousand items. Some of these have been transferred by other department on campus, some have been donated by members of the community, and some have been pulled from our other collections because they (sometimes quite literally) don’t fit with our paper records.

The past six months I have been working on bringing order to the museum collection; organizing it by category and subject, connecting objects with other items as well as their accession records and, most excitingly,  photographing all of it in the hopes that in the future the public with have virtual access to our museum collection. Exciting, right?!

This process, while tedious at times, has also been a great source of amusement around the Center as each of us have come across unusual or topical items that represent their place in history. This being Halloween, and my favorite holiday, I felt it only appropriate to share some of these items with you!

c. 1920’s-1930’s Bridge tally cards

Decorative pastry topper from the Donnell-Rucker Collection

c. 1940’s Party napkin, saved in the scrapbook of Miss. Sadie Harber (later Adgent)- Adgent Family Collection

Page from Ms. Mary Parker’s scrapbook-Tennessee College for Women Memorabilia Collection

Halloween word game, also from the Tennessee College for Women Memorabilia Collection

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2 Responses to Happy Halloween from the Albert Gore Research Center!

  1. Bonnie says:

    Who knew that the Gore Research Center had such interesting holiday items!

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