Greetings From…

Written by Rachel Smith, Graduate Assistant

As one of the graduate assistants at the AGRC, one of my main tasks is to process collections we have at the Center. I have recently been creating an inventory of Anne Sloan’s papers. Dr. Sloan was a former Political Science professor here at MTSU and Director of the Global Studies program. Her father was Eugene Sloan, who was also a professor at MTSU. He taught Business Law and served as the school’s Director of Public Relations.

The majority of Anne Sloan’s papers that I have inventoried so far include materials related to her professional life as a professor. There are items such as drafts of tests, lecture notes, and chapters from her dissertation.

Dr. Sloan also kept personal items related to her family and travels. I am particularly interested in the box of postcards I came across the other day, because I think postcards can tell you a lot about various places and times. It seems that Dr. Sloan collected postcards, since most of the ones saved did not have any correspondence written on them.  I wanted to share with you some of the ones that caught my eye.

This first one drew my attention because it is of the Stone’s River Battlefield, which is right here in Murfreesboro.

Other Middle Tennessee attractions were also represented:

Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art.

The Hermitage

Dr. Sloan also had a few postcards from Chattanooga.

The Incline Station at the Foot of Lookout Mountain

Ruby Falls

Not all of the postcards are from Tennessee! Besides a few international cards, other regions of the country are represented.

I really like the graphics of the various NYC landmarks.

In particular, there are several from Florida’s Silver Springs, a nature theme park with glass bottom boats and bathing beauties.

This lovely lady is said to be “demonstrating the clarity of the water.”

Another wonderful activity at Florida’s Silver Springs. I wonder what Ouija, the “Mystic Chick” is telling this family about their future!

Theme parks seemed to be a popular destination for Dr. Sloan.

This postcard shows Heidi and her grandfather from the Story Land children’s theme park in Glenn, New Hampshire.

“Sister Ealy” sent her this card showing the Monsanto Chemical Company’s Hall of Chemistry at Disneyland. Personally, as a huge Disney parks fan, I love this one.

While all of these postcards show particular places, I also came across a type of card that I had never seen before.

A postcard made from a personal photo! This is one of Dr. Sloan’s relatives, who sent this card to give a life update and a photo of herself. I was unaware that people could do such a thing at the turn of the twentieth century.

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of these postcards as much as I did!

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