Brown Bag Lunch Event with Andrea Blackman

Politically Charged Collections and the Politics of Documenting Politics Brown Bag Lunch Forum With Andrea Blackman

Civil Rights Movement and the actions taken during the Nashville flood a few years ago took place in a heavily politically charged atmosphere. The events themselves were affected by the politics of the moment, but what about the attempts to document and present the history of these times and others like them? Andrea Blackman is the manager of the Special Collections Division of The Nashville Public Library. In that capacity, Ms. Blackman regularly deals with both finding ways to document and present history that is often very political in nature, but dealing with issues that arise with doing her job in an environment that itself may be influenced by politics. She will be our guest at the Albert Gore Research Center’s next “brown bag” forum, and will speak to issues relating both to the political aspects of the collections held in her institution, and the difficulties of collecting and providing access to the public of materials that might have a bearing on political agendas today.

The Brown Bag lunch discussion with Ms. Andrea Blackman, M.Ed., will be held on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 11:30 in the Conference Room of the Albert Gore Research Center. This is room #129 of the Andrew Todd Building. (See the “About Us” section on our Website, for more information on finding us.) Bring your own lunch and listen, question and discuss.

Ms. Blackman has worked as both project manager and educator with extensive experience across the spectrum of Library Special Collections, Public History, Elementary & Secondary Education and Public Policy.  Throughout her career, Ms. Blackman has been known for her innovative ideas in making history relevant.  She also has been recognized for her professional achievements with the Civil Rights Oral History Project and the library’s most recent endeavor of chronicling the events of a “1,000-year flood event.”

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