A Message from the Director

From Dr. Jim Williams, Director of the Albert Gore Research Center

One of the great fortunes of my life so far has been the opportunity to direct the Albert Gore Research Center, which I have been doing for more than four years now. In the future I hope to post more about what I do day to day, and what our hopes and dreams are for the future, but for now I wish to say thanks to my two professional, talented, hard-working archivists who keep the center running while I am out and about much of the time. You will be hearing from them on this blog from time to time in the future. Beyond learning a lot about archives from them, I have been gratified to see our graduate and undergraduate student workers over the years develop archive and museum skills, accomplish projects, and contribute in innumerable ways to what the center does. Much of the time they are behind the scenes, but we appreciate them every day. For the undergrads especially, we hope that they learn something and realize that they are contributing in important ways to our work preserving our past, engaging our present, and enriching our future. Though we don’t expect every one of our undergraduates to love their work, change their majors to history, and advance to graduate programs in public history or related fields, it does occasionally happen. Laura Blair graduated several years ago, stayed on to work on the Gore House Papers for a year, then entered the library science graduate program at the University of South Carolina. Our many master’s students have graduated and landed jobs all over the country, sometimes in archives, but more often in other areas of public history.

We hope through this blog and our Facebook page that we can hear from those former students, who perhaps will feel inspired to share with us all what their time working at the Albert Gore Research Center has meant for their careers.

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