Brown Bag Lunch Event with Ken Fieth

Bring your own lunch to the Albert Gore Research Center Conference Room (Todd  Hall 129) at 11:30 on Wednesday, October 10th, and join the discussion with the archivist of the first city-county metropolitan government in the country.  This will be a great opportunity for any who are interested in history in general, public history fields, politics, or are just curious about how things happened and how we preserve our knowledge of the past. It is also the first of a series of such discussions to be hosted by the Albert Gore Research Center.

During this election season, Tennessee archivists are highlighting research materials that relate to politics. Political papers, memorabilia collections, oral histories, memoirs, photographs, and film, are just some of the things that will be available to historians and the general public alike. Ken Fieth, of the Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Archives, will join us for a casual lunch and discussion time as the inaugural speaker of our Brown Bag series. Mr. Fieth’s collections contain much material, in a variety of formats, related to government and politics in general, and more specifically to the process of establishing the first full merger between a city and county government.

Mr. Fieth is also a valuable resource for other questions that pertain to dealing with history in a public setting. He has built an exceptionally active “friends” group that offers support to both his organization and to different groups in the Nashville area. He has worked in different types of archives with different types of collections, and can answer questions about how to deal with unusual donations. How many archives have you heard of with a coffin and a skeleton? His experience and know-how range from public programming to individual research, from historical interpretation to exhibit design. A man of many talents.

We hope that you will join us for our time with Mr. Fieth, make him welcome, and join in conversation that is likely to be more interesting than one might expect.

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