Welcome to the Albert Gore Research Center!

As we continue to improve our web page, a little background information about the center is in order.  The Albert Gore Research Center is a manuscripts repository dedicated to preserving and making available for research primary source materials related to Tennessee history. Through its public programming, educational activities, oral history program, and exhibits, the center also goes beyond preservation to promote the active study of region’s history by its citizens. The center’s collections focus on the history of politics and public policy and on Middle Tennessee State University and the region it serves. The papers of Albert Gore, Sr., who served in the United States House of Representatives from 1939 to 1952 and in the Senate from 1953 to 1970, form the cornerstone of the center’s collections.

The Gore Research Center opened in 1993. It serves a variety of researchers: undergraduates, graduate students, MTSU administrators, faculty and other scholars, the media, and citizens of the local community. In addition to serving the public, the staff prepare exhibits, record oral histories, conduct research, and supervise interns and graduate assistants from MTSU’s public history program.

In addition to launching a new web page, the Gore Research Center has also launched other new projects.  In 2011, the centennial anniversary of MTSU, the Gore Research Center began the University Archives, capturing the institutional memory of MTSU, as well as the papers and materials of faculty, staff, students and alumni.  Continuing to delve into new territory, the center has proposed a Museum of MTSU History, to capture the material culture surrounding MTSU.   

Keep checking this blog and our home page for all the new collections, updates on exhibits and events, and all the news from the Albert Gore Research Center.

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